Best PDF Converter

The Portable Document Format commonly known to many as (PDF) is the universal acceptance and the supported format by the variety of operating systems and devices. This translates that many people are using the mentioned format to access information via their devices. A necessity of switching this format arises by converting the format and at that stage is where converting tools pick their roles. Not just converting but having high quality outputs that can be achieved by only using the best PDF converting software (Full license PLUS Download Link included). They not only convert but also play many other roles such as editing, merging just to mention but a few. The main reasons why you should have the best PDF converter in your device are named as follows:

  1. Batching– this the process of merging files without having to sweat yourself out by doing work that could have been easily done by a single click.
  2. Partial conversions– here is where there is need of adding or converting a few lines. To save you from the burden of converting the whole document, here is where the converter comes in to correct the few lines.
  3. Mixed conversion– scenarios where you need to combine two different formats take for example excel and word.
  4. Multimedia support– in such era many documents come with either videos, images or audios and in most cases, they have to be added to make a document complete.



PDFMate converter can be described as the top-notch converter as it takes pride in delivering same results as those that are in the same level but cost a little more. It is recommended for those using the Windows OS. It brings into the game basic security features such as watermarks and protection passwords. A feature that stands out about it is that it can convert a PDF to another PDF. Despite having these features a let-down is at the general overview of this converter. This is not widespread as it is covered up for by its easy to use interface.

How to Use The PDFMate Converter.

To breakdown the four steps to converting a document into PDFs using this converter is as follows:

  • First things first it is to add your PDF document by clicking “Add Folder” or the “Add Folder” button on the upper left side of your window. Specification of a page is also enabled so that one can choose whether it be single or batched.
  • A dialogue box appears that provides the option “Enable OCR” once the scanned PDF program is added to the program. (Clicking “Advanced Settings” button also enables conversion).
  • The Output File Format Zone comes third where the preferred form is chosen.
  • Finally hit the “Convert” button to start the conversion to the format one desires. At the status bar, it shows the conversion process. When it indicates “Success” it means that it is complete and finished.





This is a software that offers a solution to the needs of both business and personal use. Its set of user-friendly interface, easy to understand PDF editing and security tools as well as the application makes it just the most appropriate to go with. It allows a user to convert various formats and vice versa, to spice it up, it offers a multiple language support making it ideal for individual and business solutions from other countries. (Actually 41 languages). Another feature that cannot go unnoticed is the capability to collaborate and share, export, scan, organize, edit and sign PDF files among other abilities.

How To Use The Foxit Phantom PDF Converter.

It brings forth multiple numbers of options in which you can convert your PDF document into.

  • At the tab, you will click on the “Convert” option where you will later at the ribbon click on “To MS” button where options will appear.
  • A pop-up appears that asks of you to choose where you want your output saved. Click on the “Save” to start the process of conversion.
  • The process applies to all formats supported by the software.
  • The documents can be viewed from the destination that you opted for the second step.





Icecream PDF Converter is a powerful tool used for converting PDFs to files, images or even other PDFs. Files can be converted to image formats like PNG, JPG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, WMF  and EPS. The conversion process can be controlled while using this software, for example, extracting pages from a document or even merge input files into one PDF. One can also choose the output folder in which the converted document needs to be stored. Most conversions deliver excellent outputs, hence making Icecream PDF converter a software to put into consideration.

How To Use The Icecream PDF Converter.

  • Add the file subsequent conversion commonly known as file queuing.
  • Position the file in the queue. (Drag and drop can also be a method of adding files in the queue.)
  • Where settings are required, apply the needed changes in both panels and “Save File Settings” or “Apply Layout Settings”. (Layout settings will always appear when there are images added.
  • Tick the option at the area that reads “The PDF” to merge more than one document.
  • To choose the destination where the file should be saved, select at the bottom of the Common Controls.
  • Start conversion by pressing the “Convert” button. On completion, it will indicate it being successful.





Nitro PDF Converter was specially designed to fit all kinds of businesses whether big or small with its chief aim is focusing on tools for distributing and creating PDFs. What takes most users by awe is the layout. The toolbar has been arranged just as those of the most recent version of Microsoft Windows.

It also comes with 12 languages that have spellcheck. Using the QuickSign tool, one can add own signature to documents and add pictures. In general, it is a software that is easy to use and possess a high profile. However, thumbs down go to the lack of features like optimization of PDFs for mobile devices.

How To Use The Nitro PRO PDF Converter.

  • Once you have launched the program, click on the button “Open” button where there will be the chance for you to choose the PDF file on your folder to convert to your desired format.
  • At the taskbar, displaying on the “Home” tab, click “To (desired form)” icon that leads to opening of the PDF file. This subsequently starts a “Convert to (desired form)” pop-up.
  • Once the necessary settings have been made choose the format you want for example “Word (*.docx)”.
  • To start the conversion process click on the “Convert” icon where conversion process kicks off.





As from the above procedures, it is clear how easy it is using the UniPDF converter. In the web, there has been an encroachment of very many and diverse converting tools but not many can match the power that comes with this software. It offers a multiple of formats in which you can convert your documents into for example Word, HTML, Text or Image files. The user interface is also easy to use with les complications. an added advantage about it is that there is no risking your info by uploading your documents online. as once converted it is collected in your PC.

How To Use The UNIPDF Converter.

With the UniPDF converter, the process is quite easy and simple.

  • Documents can be dragged and dropped into the programme.
  • The step that follows is choosing the format in which the output being process will be converted into.
  • Another procedure of converting files is by clicking “Add” button and then hit the “Convert” button where your file will be readily converted to the format you had selected from the ribbon.




TalkHelper PDF Converter

This is a very easy to understand conversion software that allows you to convert all your PDF documents into other formats such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, image amongst other formats and vice versa. Not only that you can also merge, split and extract pages from PDF files. It is a promising converter to all users looking for the ideal converter.

Icons appear as cartoons across the blue and white display giving it a lively look. These display has been divided into four sections. At the bottom of the screen are tutorials for all process at the learning centre.

How To Use The Talkhelper PDF converter.

The process of converting using the TalkHelper converter is such an easy task that is suggested where less time is required for conversion without much complications:

  • At the bottom there is the Add Folder icon where you click to choose the file to be converted.
  • You can choose more than one folder depending on the task that one wants to perform.
  • At the far left is where you choose the format that you want your file converted into..
  • The selected files will appear on a table.
  • Hit the “Convert Files to PDF” icon to start the conversion process.





The fact that it costs a little bit high, the output the output does not meet that, a major disappointment.  However, the final judgment will be for you to make as we break it down for you once we break it down for you. About its user interface is that it is not complicated and easy to run. The shortcoming is that it does not have much to show as it is simply direct. As for the online and app version is that they convert from PDF to other formats. Thumbs up go to the fact that conversion is quite fast and the output is generally good than while using the OCR.

How To Use The Wondershare PDF converter.

  • Once you are on this software, open your PDF file, that will automatically lead you to the “Home” tab. Here you can do editing, combine files by merging as well as convert files into Word, Excel, images to mention but a few.
  • At the edit tab, you can use the OCR to scan, add the image as well as insert a watermark.
  • At the comment tab, it allows you to add annotations such as notes, stamps and highlights.
  • In the forms tab, you can add fill in fields making it easy for people to add information.
  • At the protect tab you can password protect and sign digitally on your document.





The innovation that was brought by Kingsoft has addressed the solution of converting documents courtesy of the WPS PDF Converter. As the name suggests it converts PDF to Doc. Users can select PDF files. Already it’s in the 10th version and with no doubt, it has been perfected to the art of conversion. In this particular field, the reassurance of this converter is the best is backed up by the top-notch output it delivers. Understanding how it operates is also quite easy and the process of conversion is also super-fast. It beats many converters as this has specialised to its task evidently from the high-quality word files it outputs.

How To Use The WPS PDF Converter.

  • Once the software has been launched in your device, open the “PDF to Word” in the “Special Feature” option at the top of your Menu.
  • There is the option of dragging and dropping the documents or opening them from the local storage.
  • The final step is clicking on the “Start” button to commence the process of converting.
  • On completion, the just created, editable file will automatically open.





This converter is one among very few software that brags of perfectly replacing Adobe Acrobat Reader when it comes to offering the services that Adobe offers. Once you open this converter you can confuse its layout to that of Microsoft Word homepage. Reasons, why it beats any converters, is that it allows a user to edit, stamp and also digitally sign its document files. It can also add free hands and letterheads as well as add watermarks which is something special that helps to protect and their certify their documents. Its interface is friendly to the user.

How To Use The Desk PDF Studio XE Review.

The procedure of converting using this software can be easily described as awkward.

  • On clicking the “create and convert” tab the next expected step is to click “PDF from any file.” Icon.
  • However, the unexpected is that it opened the PDF. When you want to deal with the PDF file, click on the “Folder” icon.
  • On doing that, the process of working on your file kicks off and with no doubt, the interface is very intuitive.
  • PDFs can be created from any form merge independent files and even re-arrange the pages from other files.





This innovation has brought to the market a converter that has been input with forty-six languages to its features making it a universally acceptable converter around the globe. It extracts from PDF and images where they are converted into editable, word, excel and Text Output Formats.

How To Use The Free Online OCR.

  • Pick an image still in its Edit Mode and use the “Auto” function to recognise the text in the image.
  • The “Page Range” function helps to manually adjust fields to recognize text contained in the image.
  • The “Page Range” functions help manually adjust fields to recognise text and other converted file to PDF.
  • Entire document key helps to recognise all the writers’ text in the image while Batch is used to merging texts of multiple docs in the image.
  • The scan and recognise feature creates a new PDF document and saves it. Input and Output Settings can also be customised.



From the above discussion and breaking down of the PDF converters a verdict that there is nothing like a “perfect” software but in the real sense there is the “most appropriate”. All when it comes to choosing the best converter depends on what kind of task you want to be performed for you. Is it either big business or just for some small personal use? With that information, the making a decision on what’s the ideal converter for you will be now easier on this website flocked with many choices.