11 Best PDF to Excel Converter Software for Windows & Mac In 2020

There are many instances which demand the need for PDF to XLSX converters. Therefore, to find the best, you need to conduct an assessment. A process that might consume much of your time. To prevent this, we’ve listed the best 11 converters for you to consider.

Able2Extract Professional

able2extractAble2extract professional_1

Before choosing a PDF to Excel converter, you need to ensure that it makes your work easier. Able2Extract provides you with unique features. A feature like batch conversion allows you to save time. Besides, you’re able to convert multiple PDF documents to XLSX format.

Likewise, Able2Extract makes it easier for you to edit the final document. Before conversion, you can choose to rotate, resize, delete, move or even scale the pages. More so, you can add blank pages in the document in case you’d like to add more information.

Besides, you get to have OCR support. With this, you can convert documents from different languages and formats.

• OCR support
• Interactive UI
• Quick customer support

• To unlock all the features, you have to purchase the license

TalkHelper PDF Converter

TalkHelper PDF converter

When looking for a versatile software that can convert and create PDF documents, TalkHelper is the best choice. It’ll assist you with all your PDF to XLS conversion needs. The smooth UI allows you to handle all the conversion needs quickly.

Besides, you’re able to ensure that you can retain the format of the PDF upon conversion. Why is this important? Well, if your PDF document has tables, you’ll need them to be intact in the Excel document. Therefore, this will be essential to ensuring that you’re efficient.

OCR is crucial for any PDF converter nowadays. Even though TalkHelper has support for OCR, this is the only bit that it doesn’t perform perfectly.

• Batch conversion support
• OCR support
• Simple to use
• Format retention

• OCR support isn’t consistent

Weeny Free PDF to Excel Converter

As the name suggests, Weeny is free. Unlike most of the other PDF to Excel converters, you need not to pay a dime. Besides this, Weeny has a lot to offer. The simple interface doesn’t have a steep learning curve. It’s ideal for first-time users.

Secondly, batch conversion is also available. With this, you’re able to save some time. You can either drag and drop the PDF documents or add them one by one. After this, Weeny will number them and commence the conversion process.

Nonetheless, there’s an editing option. After conversion, you can choose to edit the Excel documents. The conversion range feature allows you to choose the specific pages that you’d like to be converted. This’ll save you time since you don’t have to convert the entire PDF.

• Simple to use
• Free
• Page range support

• Lacks OCR support

iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional


Security is essential in a PDF to Excel converter. iSkysoft provides you with different security options. To prevent people from copying your Excel documents, you can add watermarks. Besides this, you also have signature and password support. Therefore, you can share your XLS documents with only selected people.

More so, the user interface is familiar. This doesn’t mean that it’s the simplest in the market. It has a learning curve. However, after installing the software, the interface looks similar to that of Microsoft Excel. Therefore, you’ll have an easier time getting to figure your way around.

Lastly, the editor makes it easier to review, convert and share the XLSX documents. In case you’d like to have a team input in the document, you can share it and collaborate.

• Secure
• Easy to use editor

• For a new user, there’s a steep learning curve

PDF Suite Pro


When using the premium version of PDF Suite, you’re able to take advantage of the collaborative features. These allow you to share your work with other people and get them to make changes to the Excel documents. Therefore, you’re able to ensure that the document is error-free.

Likewise, PDF Suite has one of the best protection measures in the market. You can opt to protect the converted XLSX documents using a password or even input digital signatures. More so, you can use an access control panel to monitor everyone who accesses your XLS documents.

Furthermore, modification of PDF and Excel documents is easier. The editor makes it easier for you to choose the information that’ll be available in the converted XLS document.

• Collaboration function
• Simple to use
• Secure
• Intuitive editor

• Standard users are limited to a few features

Cogniview PDF2XL

pdf2xlCogniview Pdf2xl_4

The user interface of the PDF converter needs to be unique. Cogniview is no different. It has a simple interface with tutorials on how to use it. After installing the software, you have the different options of the software displayed to you. The tutorial ensures that you comprehend how to convert PDF to XLS.

The top bar is similar to the ones on Microsoft Office apps. Therefore, it’ll be easy to figure your way around. Besides, when converting the documents, you’re able to view the process through the preview panel. Likewise, you can also edit these columns as the conversion occurs.

The job summary section makes it easier to find all the converted Excel documents. Therefore, you can convert multiple files and get to countercheck them afterward.

• Intuitive UI
• OCR support
• Multilanguage support

• For OCR, you need to have the premium version

Soda PDF To Excel Converter

Soda PDF Converter_4

Within a business, collaboration is essential. When converting PDF documents to Excel, collaboration allows you to share the document easily. After this, the people who receive the documents can make their changes and send it back to you.

With Soda PDF, you’re able to collaborate with your workmates easily. On the other hand, Soda PDF has some of the best security measures in place. You can use passwords to protect your converted documents. Besides, the redacting option makes it easier to get rid of sensitive data.

Likewise, Soda PDF has bates numbering support. With this, you’re able to index multiple documents. Bates numbering allows you to handle multiple documents by numbering the pages with numbers and dates. Therefore, it makes batch conversion easier.

• You can opt to make payments for specific features
• OCR support
• Online support
• Simple to use UI

• Availability of third-party toolbars when installing the software

iLovePDF to Excel Converter


besides being able to read PDFs, you’re able to convert them to Excel quickly. iLovePDF allows you to accomplish this by either merging or splitting the documents. Therefore, you’re able to ascertain that you won’t spend much time converting these documents.

Likewise, security is key with iLovePDF. To maintain the originality of the PDF or Excel documents, you can add watermarks. You’re able to choose the color, size, and placement of the watermarks. And with this, you can share the converted documents with anyone.

Furthermore, the PDF reader allows you to easily make any changes to a PDF document before its converted. Therefore, you’re able to ensure that the Excel document will be error free.

• Intuitive environment
• PDF splitting and merging
• Reduces the size of the converted documents
• Watermark support

• Lacks more privacy features

Wondershare PDF To Excel Converter


If you want OCR support, you’ll have to choose the premium version. With OCR, you’re able to convert documents from different file formats. Meaning that you can scan a document into PDF and then convert it to XLS.

More so, the interface is simple to use. The design makes it easier for you to find your way around. Drag and drop is another thing that’s Wondershare supports. Through this, you don’t have to spend time trying to figure out where the PDF documents are located.

Likewise, you can choose to use format protection features. So doing ensures that you never get to worry about the tables in the PDF document being messed up after conversion.

• Multiple output formats
• OCR support
• Drag and drop options
• Batch processing

• Excel conversion issues by merging cells from time to time

Nitro Pro


When interacting with software, you need to ensure that the interface is unique. Nitro Pro’s interface is simple to use, and it has some design cues from Microsoft Office. Besides this, Nitro allows you to edit PDF documents quickly before conversion. Therefore, when you identify some errors, you can mend them.

The annotation tool makes it essential to ensure that you can mark up the XLS documents. Besides, when collaborating, you’ll be able to track the progress and input of every member. You can use sticky notes and freehand drawings when making changes in the PDF or Excel documents.

• Familiar UI
• Cloud support
• Intuitive editing features

• Lacks mobile support

UniPDF PDF To Excel Converter


Drag and drop is a feature that makes it easier to transfer files in UniPDF. You can drag an entire folder or several files into the software. Therefore, batch conversion is also available with UniPDF. Thus ensuring that you can save some time.

More so, you can choose the specific pages which you’d like to convert. The selected pages area within the software allows you to choose a range of pages. Thus making it easier when converting multiple PDF documents.

• Simple to use
• Batch conversion
• Drag and drop option

• Bloatware toolbars when installing