[Updated 6/21]Finding the best diving computers isn’t like the search for generic wristwatches that you simply buy the industry with small or no information about their specialized features off. Whether you will are purchasing your first or fourth diving computers, you are able to encounter a bit of a tough decision-making process. This indecisive encounter is mostly underlined by the technical details that surround the judgment of buying one. There is the reliability issue, the ease-of- several others, the specialized capacity and use.


This article is set to evaluate the very greatest of scuba diving computers available on the marketplace to make things really simple for you. To further help you in this research, we will first discuss some things which you should look out for in your dive pc that is preferred. Come along.

There’s absolutely no term that is mincing here, it’s impossible to make buying choice of a dive computer-based only on the truth which you discover that it’s colourful and attractive or for just about any other informal purpose at that. Frankly, creating such selection needs to be hinged on that might perhaps not be the dive accessible and what’s fitting for the need.


In the event that you are a newbie to diving or a new entrant, the best advice would be to go to get a dive pc that is really basic and basic. Reason being that you are going to be better positioned to make the choices that are clearest and get the essential details you require more plainly.

By any means, the expert and higher level divers can choose for computers with several aspect- technicalities and functions. There’s obviously no problem with this.

Dont get this twisted, the under-water scenario is a stage where you’re better off using the simplest and immediate package than having one that provides to your own mental duties ¬†at least in the event that you’re a beginner. This can aid you in creating the the majority of of energy while diving.

However, if you’re already experienced and knowledgeable, you might not have much of a problem juggling this. Regardless, nevertheless, a dive computer that provides details that is obvious and big shows is usually better than the one using a interface.


What this implies is they understood and are easier read than the others. I dont believe you may want to exert the majority of of energy attempting to to use and manipulate your diving pc.

Also crucial to consumer-friendliness is the capacity to to use the computer with no hitch in any way. By hitch, I suggest to to use the buttons aside from the water situation you’re in.

Consider The Style

In scuba-diving, there are two designs of computers: type-S and the wrist.

Using the wrist kind, you’ve independence to to go while executing your scuba dives and mo Re versatility.

Air Integration Feature

An air built-in pc has the capacity to to examine the stress in your scubadiving cylinder while providing you with the report that is required. Reporting after that it eliminate the the need to get a stress gauge.

By calculating the quantity of minutes of air in the present depth and exertion le Vel, some dive computers give you mo-Re characteristics. It assists the most useful scuba-dive conduite selections to be made by you a-T any given point in time.



Best Diving Computers Aqua Lung I300 Professional and Recreational Divers Built-In Backlight, User-Changeable Battery, Audible Alarm, High-Visibility, LED Warning Light Air and Nitrox $$
Best Diving Computers Suunto Zoop Professional and Recreational Divers Audible Alarm, Easy-To-Read Display, Phosphorescent Display Air and Nitrox $$
Best Diving Computers Oceanic VTS Professional, Recreational and New Entrant Divers Audible Alarm, Fresh/Salt Water, Digital Compass, Adjustable LED Lights, Bluetooth Air / Nitrox, Guage and Free Dive $$
Best Diving Computers Suunto Eon Steel Professional and Recreational Diver Audible Alarm, Fresh/Salt Water, LED Backlight, 200 Hours Memory Air, CGR, Guage and Mixed Gas $$
Best Diving Computers Cressi Leonardo Recreational Divers and New Entrants Single-Button Interface, HD LCD Screen, LED Backlight, 200 Hours Memory Air, Nitrox or Gauge $$
Best Diving Computers Shearwater Research Petrel 2 Recreational Divers and New Entrants Large Easy-To-Read Display, Two-Button Interface, Digital Compass, Bluetooth Integration, Multiple Language, Full Color LED Display Multi Gas and Trimix $$
Best Diving Computers Oceanic VEO 2.0 Recreational Divers, New Entrants and Professionals Audible and Visual Alarm, Backlight, Easy-To-Read Display, Dual Algorithm, History Mode and 300 Hour Battery Life Air, Nitrox, Guage and Free Dive $$
Best Diving Computers Mares Puck Pro Recreational Divers, New Entrants and Professionals Backlight, Audible Audible, Fresh / Salt Water, Easy-Access Push Button, Simple-Intuitive Interface, 36 Hours Memory Capacity. Air, Nitrox and Watch $$
Best Diving Computers Mares Nemo Wide Recreational Divers and New Entrants Fresh / Salt Water, Audible Alarm. Air, Ean Up To 3-Mixture and Bluetooth $$
Best Diving Computers Sherwood Amphos Air Recreational Divers, New Entrants and Professionals. Audible Alarm, Read Cylinder Pressure. Air, Nitrox, Guage, Free Dive and Watch $$